Slight update

fire sky over GeorgiaWe expect to be back out on the trail, starting at mile 710 on May 19 or 20 in 2020.

I enjoyed using Blogger.  If I was carrying a laptop on the trail with me, I’d probably consider still using it.  But with only a phone to use as a camera and everything else, the WordPress App works so much better.

This blog takes off where I left off from my Trail Journal.  I went to WordPress from Trail Journal because of the WordPress App.

As for Blogger, that goes to a different chapter in my life.  I’ve left it up, since that chapter remains.

The Trail Journal posts are at:

Really useful stretches for hiking:

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We will finish the trail next year

We had some promising weather and a wonderful start to an Indian Summer. At the same time we were looking at about seven weeks to finish the trail or fourteen to finish a through hike (including redoing parts we had done but a month or two too early to count).

We had some wonderful days and then a cold front broke the weather pattern.

For reference, the trail north/east of us:

So. Looking at three inches of rain followed by a week of snow and high winds to finish up Vermont. Maybe getting done in time to have Thanksgiving with Rachel, maybe being a week late.

Everything started to close as well.

If we weren’t going to hike through Christmas to get a through hike, Win suggested we finish our 180 miles in Virginia this April (which is a wonderful time to hike Virginia) and return to Vermont in September when the mosquitoes and black flies are gone.

I was 120% behind that idea.

Which puts us back in Dallas. I’ve some writing projects and Win has the busy season at work.

Here are links to the last updates.

New Hampshire color change:

Back in Dallas:

Looking at the initial weather change.

My favorite picture from 2016:

Making it out of the rain:

Bear Mountain

Turning the corner in Vermont. (The trail goes East-West and then turns a corner and goes North-South).

Slack packing and a gondola ride:

We missed the Yellow Deli—they were closed.

Sole Man and Thrifty

Winturri shelter

Just before Dartmouth/ Vermont

And Dartmouth/Hanover

Thistle Shelter

And Dowd’s where we were in Lyme:

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