Back to Pennsylvania.

Duncannon to Delaware Water Gap.

That gets us to 1296 to 1653 to finish the trail. After this section we will have only 360 miles or so to finish.

Below freezing tonight, but warming is promised.

Been a great section. Good to see John Monk again.


Blog moved

My hiking blog moved from here to

Interestingly enough, Wikipedia (at decided to revert the information about the correct link to the wrong information (this link) on the entry they have for me.

So, I’m restating that the proper url has changed — figure I might as well put an entry here (which is the wrong link) that will refer people to the right link since Wikipedia isn’t interested in that information being available.

As to D&D material, some samples of what I’ve been working on recently:

Image may contain: text


Just for anyone who is interested.

Also, I started wargames and related things when I was living in Las Vegas, playing 1914 with Bill Woodward, a friend of mine, not later after we moved to Mountain Home.

Just thought I’d correct the record where I could.

Sun gloves.

A big change as we get ready for the PCT is sun protection, including sun gloves. I’ve gotten a little sun burn on my hands on the AT (Appalachian Trail) but it was transitory.

My daughter Rachel sent me a pair of for Father’s Day.

Now I need to get used to wearing them.

[update] February 28, 2023. [update] I did get used to them. Not only do they provide sun protection but they reduced blisters on those days when I ended up hiking over 20 miles. When we return to the trail on April 13, 2023, I have a new pair ready to go.

Slight update

fire sky over GeorgiaWe expect to be back out on the trail, starting at mile 710 on May 19 or 20 in 2020.

I enjoyed using Blogger.  If I was carrying a laptop on the trail with me, I’d probably consider still using it.  But with only a phone to use as a camera and everything else, the WordPress App works so much better.

This blog takes off where I left off from my Trail Journal.  I went to WordPress from Trail Journal because of the WordPress App.

As for Blogger, that goes to a different chapter in my life.  I’ve left it up, since that chapter remains.

The Trail Journal posts are at:

Really useful stretches for hiking:

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