Slackpacking for a Nero

A “Nero” is a near zero. We will do twenty mile into Troutville tomorrow and catch Mcaffee Knob. Will be an iconic day.

We just needed some rest.

This is where we went:

And a closer look at yesterday:

And a change up in the millipedes:

And an old mill wheel.

A good day.

At Four Pines.

We had a few days with no service. Now I can catch up on email, food and rest. Has been so humid.

Was a hard decent, rungs and more.

Dragon’s Tooth.

Mile 700

Water last night was two hundred feet straight down hill.

The eastern continental divide.

A couple miles of 45 degree rock face.

Sunrise yesterday.

Been some good days.

Issue was Angel’s Rest to Four Pines is about 70 miles or more without a resupply in between.

Our solution was to slack pack 21 miles which made it 50ish miles.

Some long days with the last stretch only 7ish miles but really rough. Beat the rain to get off the roughest sections before it hit.

The market here is really oriented to through hikers. Neat for what they stock.